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Lightning protection for antennas

I originally wrote this article on March of 2012, but over the past year this topic has been one of the most searched blog posts on my site. Lightning safety is an important topic, so I revisited the information, updated it and present it again at the top of my blog. When you look at […]

Sealing antenna connections

To receive years of trouble free service with your antennas, you’ll want to make sure the feedline connection to the antenna is properly sealed from the elements. If the connection isn’t sealed properly, then moisture can work its way into the coax cable, causing SWR issues and poor performance. There are many different methods to […]

How does antenna height affect VHF communications

Radio operators typically want to get the best performance and range out of their antenna systems. VHF and UHF  propagation is typically line of site, so the common thought to increasing range is to increase the antenna height. For the most part this works, but when you look at the numbers, you will notice an […]

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