national snow cover january 2012 kb9vbr j-pole antennaAs I write this, we are in the midst of one of the most mile winters that I can remember. Our snow cover in northern Wisconsin is only inches deep and in fact I have quite a few bare spots on my lawn. With temperatures soaring into the 40’s (in January, no less) the snow really doesn’t have a chance.

Although the warm temps and mild weather is putting a damper on the outdoor snow activities, you can take advantage of the warm temps and beautiful sunny days to inspect and upgrade your antenna systems. Instead of climbing the tower when its unbearably hot, use this time to put up a new 2 meter J-Pole antenna. Or replace an aging antenna with something newer and better performing.

Did you get a new scanner or amateur radio transceiver for Christmas? Get it on the air with a base station antenna. Our J-Pole antennas make great scanner antennas, especially for the VHF public safety spectrum. My MURS J-Pole antenna is an ideal public safety antenna and will also perform double duty transmitting on the MURS radio band. Same story with the Marine Band J-Pole antenna. This antenna is tuned for the VHF marine band, but has enough bandwidth to cover the VHF public safety spectrum.

As the weather stays mild and the skies clear, use this time to enhance and upgrade your antenna system.