Ham Radio Bicycle Mobile: Using APRS to track a marathon

Ham Radio Bicycle Mobile: Using APRS to track a marathon

Our amateur radio club provides health and welfare communications for the participants of the Wausau Marathon. This year I was the ‘bike mobile’ station providing a sweep so net control knew where the tail end of the race was. This video illustrates how I...

Setting up APRS on the Yaesu FT3DR Handheld Transceiver

Long time watchers of the channel know that APRS or the Automated Position Reporting System is a regular subject of mine. I’ve been an active participant in the APRS field for almost as long as I’ve been a ham‚ so I’ve seen quite a bit of changes over the years....

APRS Text Messaging via SMSGTE

Recently I was up in the Northern part of Wisconsin on Madeline Island in the Chequamegon bay volunteering with the Madeline Island Marathon. Madeline is part of the Apostle Islands on the southern shores of Lake Superior. Of course when you volunteer for an event...

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