Our amateur radio club provides health and welfare communications for the participants of the Wausau Marathon. This year I was the ‘bike mobile’ station providing a sweep so net control knew where the tail end of the race was. This video illustrates how I used APRS with a handheld radio and external antenna to provide solid coverage of my location while on the course.

Road Runner Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag:

2 Meter Bicycle Whip Antenna (W1LO):

Introduction to APRS

Using APRS on a Yaesu FT3DR

Building an APRS Fill-in Digipeater

KB9VBR VHF/UHF Antennas:

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Wausau Marathon, our club’s involvement
02:09 APRS on the bicycle
03:44 Why APRS with a handheld doesn’t work
04:57 Fixing weak APRS coverage
06:40 Bike Mobile kit, radio and bag
08:19 Bike Mobile antenna
12:01 How did it work?
14:29 Conclusion