Thank you N7JVT for the unsolicited testimonial for the KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole Antenna.

KB9VBR J-Pole antenna testimonial review08 Nov 2012

Dear Mike KB9VBR:

A few months back, I procured one of your J Pole antennas. When I opened the box I was a little skeptical of what I had bought. It took some time to figure out just where and how was going to mount it and even longer to figure out how to get the coax down from the roof into my basement. Last week, after making a large mess and getting covered in insulation from the attic, the J Pole was installed. I had even painted the antenna black so it would be less noticeable on the roof. WOW!

The range of this small antenna is unbelievable! Because of where I like, we have many repeaters that are many mile away. I can hit them all!! As funny as it looks, it’s a great antenna with a great price!! I’m still kicking myself for not buying this antenna earlier. Keep up the good work!!!


J. Blair Moncuff, N7JVT

A very satisfied customer ….