2 Meter Amateur Radio Antennas

The Original 2 meter KB9VBR J-Pole antenna

KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole antenna

KB9VBR 2 Meter J-Pole Antenna. Click to enlarge image

The Two Meter J-Pole Antenna is our most popular model. It comes in two different configurations, either as  a one piece antenna for base station use, or as a two piece breakaway model great for portable operations.

There are literally hundreds of antennas on the market, what makes this antenna any better than some of the higher priced you’ve seen or experienced? The simple answer is that it just plain works great. Dollar for dollar, the KB9VBR J-Pole antenna may be the best value on the amateur radio antenna market.


  • Rugged construction for years of reliable service
  • Low noise floor picks up weak signals better than comparable wire or plastic enclosed antennas
  • Wide bandwidth, (4+ MHz across the 2 meter band). No need to retune
  • Omnidirectional RF radiation pattern is balanced for communicating with stations at or slightly above the horizon line.
  • Pretuned and ready to go for the 2 meter amateur radio band
Please view my video for more benefits and a real world demonstration of the antenna’s operation.

KB9VBR 2 Meter J-Pole Antenna Specifications:

KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole antenna

  • Constructed out of 1/2 inch copper tubing
  • Overall length 69 inches
  • radiator 58 inches
  • matching stub 19 inches
  • SO-239 connector is soldered on at the point of lowest SWR
  • Omnidirectional radiation pattern
  • Gain is about 3db over a 1/4 wave ground plane

This is a super antenna for any situation. Great for base stations, this antenna can be mounted on a mast, tower, attic or even strapped to an apartment balcony. This is at terrific antenna for digital communications; use it on your packet, dx cluster or APRS station. Also great for portable use, and the rugged design makes it an excellent emergency antenna. some people even use it as a VHF scanner antenna.

Dual Band Performance in a single antenna:

Each antenna is individually tested and tuned for optimum performance on their respective bands. The two meter antenna is tuned to 146MHZ (1.2:1 SWR or less at 146MHz), and the SWR is 1.4:1 or less throughout the entire 2 meter band. This antenna also works great as a dual band antenna. The antenna will tune up on 70cm for excellent dual band performance.

5 Star Customer Service is my goal:

If you have any questions, please go to my contact page. I am glad to answer any questions. My Blog, located on the home page is loaded with information and my list of Frequently Asked Questions may already have the answer you’re looking for.

Don’t take my word for it, please read my customer reviews and testimonials:

This style of antenna has been said to outperform a Ringo Ranger:

I just had to write and Thank You again for great antenna. Excellent antenna. I have a friend who has and brags about how well his Ringo Ranger works. He has come over and listened while I worked contacts he couldn’t even hear !! Look forward to his order in the near future. (LOL). Thanks again. – eBay member Fishinbarber.

I got the 2 meter J-Pole about a week or two ago and just now finally got it mounted. Very nice! I have been reading the Missouri repeater directory trying to see how many repeaters I can hit. So far, the furthest is 90 miles away. I was actually taken by suprise when I keyed up, said my call and got a repeater beep back! I was not expecting to hit one that far away. Talked on another repeater that was 60 miles away and he stated I was full quieting. Very awesome! – Andrew WA0TFV

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2 Meter J-Pole amateur radio antenna (144-148 MHz)
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The 2 Meter Breakaway J-Pole Antenna

KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole amateur radio antennas

2 meter breakaway antenna

The Breakaway 2 meter J-Pole is the same antenna as the original model but with a two piece design. Same dimensions and specs as the original J-Pole but with a screw connector in the middle for easy transport and storage. Now the antenna will fit in the trunk of your car. Carry it with you for fast emergency communications deployment.

I like to take this particular antenna camping as the two piece design takes up less space than the one piece antenna.

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2 Meter Break Away J-Pole amateur radio antenna (144-148 MHz)
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