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Break Tags: Keep your Net Control Operation Running Smooth

During a weather net or other type of ARES/RACES activity, I’m typically the the person behind the microphone, operating as net control and keeping things running smooth. In my years as a net control operator, one skill I’ve picked up is the use of break tags to streamline operations and increase net efficiency. “Break Tags […]

SKYWARN Weather Net Control Operations

I’m frequently the person behind the microphone when the skies turn dark and a severe weather net is in order. While I enjoy being out in the field spotting, sometimes running the show and keeping everything in order can be even more challenging and exciting. I decided to kick off my first ‘behind the scenes’ […]

Sealing antenna connections

To receive years of trouble free service with your antennas, you’ll want to make sure the feedline connection to the antenna is properly sealed from the elements. If the connection isn’t sealed properly, then moisture can work its way into the coax cable, causing SWR issues and poor performance. There are many different methods to […]

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