J-Pole antenna KB9VBRI receive a fair number of testimonials and positive reviews for my J-Pole antennas. Most of the testimonials can be found on the testimonial page or scattered throughout the site. But I thought I would highlight a few recent reviews that I received.

Hello KV9VBR, This is not a question but a testimonial. Last night I held QSO through a repeater in HARTSVILLE, TN. They are 122 miles from my location in Hazel Green AL. I was using 65 watts and the communication was so clear they were sure I was using a Yagi beam pointed at them. Not so! Just your J-Pole. It really works great.

I was on eBay tonight and i thought i would send you a follow up message i bought my J-Pole from you a couple of months ago and a am really impressed by it’s performance. I am receiving pure signals on the railroad band more than 50 miles away and my transmitting power is about 35 miles sometimes better on a cloudy day. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product and if I ever need a new antenna i will definitely be buying it from you. Once again thank you very much.

I just wanted to let you know I just left you a review over on eHam.net. I’m very pleased with the antenna you sent me a few years ago, and I’ll probably be ordering another in the near future. When I get some time, I’ll send a more thorough email for your web site testimonials as well if you’d like.

Thanks again for everything, and take care of yourself friend.
~~Mike ,KC8WRQ

You too can read my reviews on eHam.net or leave one yourself. I’d love to hear your experiences with a KB9VBR J-Pole antenna. If you have a question, comment, or testimonial, please leave it on contact form.