I have received many positive reviews because of the quality and performance of my antennas. I use top quality materials and individually test each antenna for quality control. This is a premium antenna at a great price; you will not be disappointed.

This is a wonderful antenna! Reception is almost hard to believe. When I got it the weather was bad, so didn’t get up on the roof. But I got impatient and ran a coax out the door of my shack into the back yard and set the breakaway J-pole on a piece of firewood from the wood pile and leaned the antenna against a small apple tree. Kazaam! Received three repeaters about 35 miles away. And that’s not line-of-sight. Here in WV it had to transit over a few hills and dales. And it transmits at less than 1.1 SWR on low power (3-10 W) and just over 1.1 at 60 W (indicated) on Yaesu FT-2900. And portable, though I now have it on the roof. But it’s easy enough to put up or take down, for sure. Of course, one could just get a second one for this price and forgo all that ladder work, and throw the spare in the truck with the spare tire, just for “contingencies.” Sure, one could make this antenna at home with a little soldering and careful measurement, but not, including thought and labor, for this price. Works! Well done! Thanks! Jerry KD8WVT


I have already left positive feedback on eBay, but wanted to let you know how happy I am with the performance of this antenna.

I put it [2 meter Slim Jim] up about 20′ above ground level, isolated it as noted, and did not use a balun or any isolation on the feedline. It’s direct to my 2m radio with about a 35′ run of RG-8X. In checking the SWR, I found NO READING ABOVE 1.2:1 over the ENTIRE 2m BAND! I don’t recall ever seeing that flat of a response on any antenna in my 30+ years of ham radio.

So, I then tried some repeaters around and found that I can get full quieting into most of them within 50 miles with only the 5 watt setting of my radio. A couple that are fringe area require the 10 watt setting, but none anywhere within my area require the 50 watt setting.

I then called a buddy about 50 air miles away and we tried to work 2m simplex. He is only using a mag mount inside his house right now, but he could hear me perfectly and had about a 50% copy on him. I was amazed.

So, all-in-all, I am very happy with this antenna. Within the next year, I will be putting a tower back up, and look forward to mounting this antenna higher up and see what it will do.

You’re building a great product there! Keep up the good work!

Tom (WA0E)

J-Pole tuned to public safety bands

I’ve already favorably feedbacked you on e-Bay, but here is a better follow up.  The J-Pole that I got from you works like gang-busters!  I’m a very satisfied customer. I’m a very new ham, just setting up my shack and gear, and as of now I’ve been using a Yaesu hand-held.  Putting it on the J-Pole made all the difference!  Within the next week, I ought to have my base xcvr set up and we’ll see how that goes. Thanks again for a good job well done!
– Art Wadsworth, KB3ZNL
I thought Id let you know about my experience since I’ve owned your 2 meter jpole for a few months now. Tonight I had an APRS come through from your hometown of Wausau which is 244 miles from me and over the lake ! As my QTH is 20 miles north of Grand Rapids mi, it has performed well with satellites perfectly and have caught some amazing QSO’s.  Once again thanks for the great piece of equipment
– 73′ Tyler 

Hello, a good friend of mine gave me one of your J-Pole antennas as he got a bigger set-up and he knew I was needing one. He gave it to me, and it sat in the basement for a while. One day we had real bad wind here and my scanner antenna bit the dust, he told me to use that j pole. I thought what the hell, so I hooked it up the other day and sat it on my deck, no mast just leanning there. I pick up things i never herd with my other scanner antenna. So there there you go IT WORKS. Thanks Steve from Virginia, thanks again.
ebay Member: stephenp2898

WOW this J-Pole is totally awesome. I put it on my indoor tripod with mast and scanned my HT it was finding repeaters, picking up a few convo’s from the next state. (40 minutes away) I keyed up and set off new repeaters from my 5 watt HT. I can’t wait to get it up over the roof outside. Amazing. Plus it is the same color as my mast. Can’t wait to get my 75 watt and 50 watt Yaesu, 2-meter and 70cm radios setup. Thank You Very Much. I’m totally impressed.
Tim 🙂
eBay Member: timmy33167

I’m pretty new to the whole scanner/HAM world and have been asking a lot of questions. Michael helped me out and gave spot on advice about the J-Pole antenna. With the Radio Shack 20-176 tuned to railroad frequencies I was able to get 15 miles of coverage. Using the J-Pole antenna I am now getting 40 to 45 mile radius and so much clearer!
– Dave S, Alexandria,KY

I am the one who you set the antenna for 154.600 for me. I had to email you and tell you what i think about your J-Pole antennas. I backed out a couple of times in getting the antenna. I just did not know much about them. I am now so glad i went ahead and order one from you. This is a great antenna. I have heard frequencies that i have never heard before until now. The picture you have on your web site does not show just how good this antenna looks and how well it is made. I can not get over how well this antenna is made and how well it works. I am proud of how it works and i am also proud to have it in the air for other people to see. One more thing, I have said it before and i well say it again, GREAT ANTENNA and GREAT ON HOW WELL IT IS MADE AND LOOKS, Thank you so much for the GREAT ANTENNA.
– Alvin E.

My friend Roger ordered a 2 Meter Slim Jim on my behalf. I wanted to put it up this weekend, so you graciously rushed it to the Post Office, so that it would make it to SE Pennsylvania by Friday, 9-21-12. On Saturday I put the antenna up about 25 feet in the air. It is performing very well and a good SWR of 1.3 on all the frequency’s I use the most. Thank you very much for effort in rushing the antenna out to me. Now,I better reimburse Roger before he doesn’t want to consider me as his friend anymore! Proud new owner, Tom KB3YTU

Hi Michael, I wanted to say thanks for such a great antenna. My Yaesu FT-270R does wonders with it. I was able to get several more repeaters with in a 40 or so mile radius of my house while standing in my back yard holding the antenna in my hand. I think as soon as I can get my “tower” set up and get this antenna up about 20′ in the air I’ll be able to do better. I also passed my test and now have the call sign KF5RGA. Technician class and will try for General in a few months. Thanks for the encouragement and for supporting the radio world.
– Mark KF5RGA

KC9VUL's KB9VBR J-Pole antenna installed at 30 feet

KC9VUL J-Pole installation

Just wanted to leave a review for your 2m j-pole. This thing is simply amazing. I have it up about 20 feet in the air and am able to hit repeaters, and receive (with my Yaesu FT2800M) on ten watts, 45 miles away! It is quality built. I put some “mighty mend it” tape around the coax connector to help water proof it, and that would be my only suggested upgrade. It showed 1.4 SWR on 147.030.
The customer service was top notch, and the shipping was lightning fast and fairly priced. If you want a great 2m antenna you do not have to search any further. You will not be disappointed! I will buy from this seller again!
– eBay member: balz0nyer4head

I found this antenna VERY good on UHF, and of very sturdy but light construction. I got it today, mounted it temporary on the roof, and starting working the repeaters. I’m waiting on a tripod mount, and I’ll use it with a 25 ft. elevation. We sometimes get high winds along the front range here in Denver, but I should be able to mount this antenna without guy wires. I will hook up a suitable Earth Ground, as we get a lot of lightning. I’ve been a Ham 18 years, and this is my very first J-pole. Nicely done, Sir.

This antenna did a great job for me! I live in a rented condo – and my options were very limited. I mounted this antenna on my deck and attached it to a length of pipe using some hose clamps. I am able to work repeaters 30-40 miles away and have had simplex contacts about 30 miles away – with great audio reports!
The day after installation we had wind gusts of up to 45 mph and this antenna survived!

I just wanted to say thank you very much. The antenna is great and I can now reach repeaters farther than I ever expected. Some repeaters I thought were not active on my handheld I have found active now! My old antenna just could not reach.
eBay member: Garrettautoparts

Economical and effective – I can’t recommend this antenna enough.
Sunny, KD8HAM

Antennas arrived today.   I hooked one up to my transmitter and VSWR meter.  I am impressed with the flatness of the antenna over the frequency range.  Thank you.
Gerald Marsh 

I’ve had one of your copper J Poles for a while now and it works very well considering a long coax run of RG-8X tucked in the siding of my house. I recently used a B2 Engineering stainless steel J Pole. There is no comparison. Yours out performs the B2 easily! Your copper J-Pole is back up and on the air. I use it for both 2M & 70 CM.
Jay, N4KXO

Your antenna ROCKS !  Received just the other day, great packaging – all in good shape. It is built extremely well.  I have it up approximately 15 feet attached to standard tv mast.  Reception is awesome, hitting machines, (so far) over 60 miles, on 5 watts. Keep up the good work, & thanks.

I’ve been using one of Your J Poles for about 5 years. Still going strong. This second one I ordered is for a packet station.
R. Caldwell KC8WBR

Just wanted to let you know that I received the J-Pole Saturday and have it now up at 20 ft. and in operation. Installation was a snap! I am getting into repeaters up to 30+ miles away on 5 watts w/ an SWR of 1.4:1! Tnx for the great product and solid craftsmanship. You are now Highly recommended to any one of my ham friends in need of a reasonable and solid J-Pole!
D. Miller – NØPKX

Hi. Thanks alot for the antenna. I got it today in the mail. I think this is an awesome antenna and you did a great job making it. I am hitting repeaters now 60 miles away and am hearing repeaters across lake michigan 🙂 Best antenna I have ever owned. Great Job. I will absolutely recommend them to everyone! Thanks a bunch… This is exactly what I needed.
Andrew Keuhs – N8AGK

The J-Pole arrived today in excellent order and measured 1.2:1 across the 2 meter band using my MFJ 235B analyzer. Worked several repeaters with it, I am very pleased with it. Workmanship is top notch.
Mike Heit – KD7YLA

Well the j-pole arrived today! I would like to say you have done a terrific job on this antenna. I’ve built some like it in the past but yours just looks like an excellent product right out of the box. The pictures on eBay don’t do it justice. This is as much a piece of art as it is craftsmanship.
Ryan Tourge- K2RRT

I recently bought one of your 2 meter J-poles on ebay.  I was going to make a home brew but when I looked at your “buy now” price and even added shipping, I doubt I could have made it any cheaper. I U-bolted it to a 25ft mast and I’m hitting every repeater within about a 30-40 mile radius with great audio.  I love this antenna. Great product Mike, I’m really pleased…
73 Dave

I’m writing to you about your J-Pole I ordered from you. After mounting it on a mast pipe at about 20 feet up, the first thing I did was check with some local repeaters that I Couldn’t hit! Wow did I hit them not just one but four (4) others I couldn’t reach. My old 5/8 wave came down! by-the way my 5/8 wave had 1:1 swr and could only hit three (3) local repeaters. Now I’m enjoying seven (7) local repeaters with my new J-pole and a two (2) watt HT. Many Thanks
– Fred, KD4YSG

The 2 meter J-Pole arrived Wed evening as sked, and Wow! I’m knockin’ ’em dead! A great performer and seems to offer very low wind loads as well (always a factor here in N. Texas). Thanks for a very unique product.
– Verne Conrad

Just wanted to thank you for the 2 meter J Pole I ordered. It is very well made, and does the job economically and astoundingly well. You were right, when I wound a balun in the coax, the SWR really improved and have had several QSO’s on simplex… a real feat… because I literally live in the “sticks” here in northwestern Florida. Once again–thanks!
– Aubrey H. White (Hank) K4GLO

I have “6 meters” in my future, and based on the outstanding performance of the 2 meter j-pole, I’m considering ordering one. All three 2 meter antennas are working outstandingly, and all the owners are happy with the performance. All have been through Katrina and Rita, and none have taken any damage (which is more than I can say for my original mast, which I finally put up shortly before Katrina hit).
– Walt Auch KI4KVS

Just wanted to I got one of your J-Poles back in Dec of 2003. Use to use in an Apt. We now have a House and I mounted it on a 10″ piece of fence posting. works really good not up in the air. I have been hitting repeaters about 140 miles away. As for the fence posting its a lot better then the Antenna mast you see at Radio shack. The antenna mast are $16 for 10′ and the fence posting is $7 for 10′. Thanks again and keep up the good work on the J-Poles.
– Paul KI4CH

I bought one of these J-Poles from you a while back. I’m really more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy, but when I saw your ad here on ebay, well, I couldn’t make one myself for much cheaper really! I’m impressed with the quality of construction! Every solder joint looks good, of course it mounts super easy and seems to perform quite well! It out-performs the ¼ wave ground plane I was using anyway. I was just browsing the ads in the Ham Radio category when I saw your ad again and thought I?d let you know! 73,
– John Lenville, KB1LTC

The aviation antenna arrived this morning and is installed. Works very superbly here at the home shack. Very nice looking antenna. Thanks.
– Cormac W7JHS