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Knots for Antennas and Support Structures

I must make a confession. I was never proficient at knots. I used to tie things up with a big ‘goober’ knot of twine. If the knot slipped, I’d just add more twists and loops. The knots weren’t pretty, they seldom held, and heaven forbid you try to untie them. I felt inadequate when I […]

ARRL Field Day 2013 Wrap-Up

How’d your Field Day operation go? I’m glad to say that for the local club I’m involved with, the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association in Wausau, WI, we have another successful Field Day in the books. While we may not have had the most contacts, or hit all of our bonus goals, we did have a […]

Field Day 2012 Recap

Well, another Field Day is in the bag. This year our club pulled out all the stops and showed the community what amateur radio and Field Day is all about. Setting up in a large public park in the Wausau area, the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association not only had their Field Day operations on the […]

6 Meters, The Magic Band, is heating up for the summer

June is here, and now that the days are getting longer and warmer, my attention turns to VHF propagation, most notably the 6 meter band. Six Meters really starts to heat up in June, just in time for the ARRL’s VHF QSO Party. June marks the opening the summer’s Sporadic-E propagation season, so you’ll start […]

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