Wisconsin Parks on the Air (WIPOTA) Contest

Rib Mountain State Park, is one of the highest spots in the State of Wisconsin. In addition to a commanding view, you also have an excellent perch to launch some RF energy. That’s why I’m using this impressive backdrop to talk a bit about Wisconsin Parks on the Air....

My NPOTA Adventure

Taking the radio out of the shack and operating in the field can be a great learning experience. Our home stations tend to be optimized for the location, with reliable power, working antennas, and a comfortable environment. But go outdoors and all bets can be off....

2016 Wisconsin QSO Party Recap

Living in the upper Midwest, it is very seldom that I get to be the DX station or have the ability to run a pile-up. But one such event give me that opportunity, the annual Wisconsin QSO Party. For the 2nd Sunday in March the airwaves come alive with ham looking to...
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