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Communication Antennas for First Responders

Our county is currently going through a process that is happening throughout the country. The FCC has mandated that public safety communication systems be switched over to narrow band and preferably digital communication modes. This switchover needs to be completed by January of 2013. But the new radio system that the county is installing is […]

Getting Started in Ham Radio

So, you want to get your ham radio license. Welcome and thank you for selecting amateur radio as a hobby. Ham radio operators are a widely varied group involved in a full range of activities. The great thing about ham radio is that their is something for just about everyone. Want to get involved in […]

RF Energy Safety and Exposure

I love reader questions and I had a great question this past week that I wanted to share with the rest of my readers. I’ve recommended installing antennas in the attic if you don’t have an adequate location outdoors or if you have to deal with homeowners restrictive covenants or HOA rules. But could putting […]

Help save our UHF Spectrum

Amateur radio operators now need to join the fight and let their elected representatives know about their opposition to H.R. 607. This bill in congress will allow the FCC to auction off a portion of the 420-440MHz amateur radio band, limiting our ability to effectively communicate in emergency and health and welfare situations. Amateur radio […]

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