Snap-on Ferrite Beads 11mm (set of 3)


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Three pack of Type-31 Mix snap on ferrite beads, 11mm diameter. Useful for reducing or eliminating RFI interference and RF energy from traveling down the outside of the feed line.


DC-Ground antennas like J-Poles and Slim Jims work best when you can create a choke balun of 5 loops of coax near the feed point of the the antenna. But stiffer cable like RG-8U, RG-213, or LMR-400 can be difficult to loop. These snap on ferrite beads solve the problem. Placing three of these snap ferrites near the feed point of your antenna will accomplish the same task as a coiled choke balun, that is stopping any stray RF energy from traveling back down the outside of the coax cable braid.


  • Snap on type ferrite choke
  • Type 31 mix ferrite material
  • 11mm inner diamater (.413 inch)
  • Fits RG-8U, RG-213, LMR-400 (or similar) cable
  • Sold as a set of three


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4 reviews for Snap-on Ferrite Beads 11mm (set of 3)

  1. Goran Jordanov

    Hello. Since these ferrite beads will be outside and exposed to all-weather, do we need to tape them up to prevent water touching the ferrite core? Thx

  2. Michael Martens

    I’m not sure how weather will affect the cores, but taping the ferrites to seal out the water will certainly help increase their lifespan.


  3. S. F. Cox (verified owner)

    These ferrite cores are easily installed, and I used self adhering silicone waterproof tape to hold them in place. Since installing them all my signal reports have been 59, full quieting, on two meters with my mobile transceiver being set up as a base station. As far as I am concerned these cores and the take down J-Pole antenna from provide optimum performance on two meters. Thanks to KV9VBR for providing me with a compact, easy to deploy and cost effective antenna solution.

  4. Sledge

    I got one of these second hand from a fellow ham and absolutely love it. The see is near perfect with it installed in my attic and it also has an extremely low SWR on MURS as well!!

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