462 MHz Land Mobile (GMRS) J-Pole Antenna

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The GMRS J-Pole  is tuned for maximum performance on the 462 – 467 MHz General Mobile Radio Service and UHF public safety band. This is a full Power GMRS antenna that will work great with handheld and base units. Don’t be limited in performance by VC encased wire antennas.

GMRS radios are gaining in popularity daily; inexpensive and effective, these radios are redefining how families keep in touch. Installing a good external antenna will give you the range you need to keep everyone in touch.



This antenna has an SO-239 connector on it which mates to a PL-259 connector. Or you can order the antenna with an N Female connector. These are the standard style UHF connectors. Please contact me if you radio system uses a different style connector, as you may require an adapter. If your base radio can accept an external antenna (many of the better models can), then adding one of these antennas will greatly improve your range. This antenna will also work on any of the commercial land-mobile and public safety frequencies located between 462 and 467 MHz.


  • GMRS Simplex and repeater operations, extend the range of your GMRS radio
  • Low noise floor easily captures weak signal stations
  • Omnidirectional radiation pattern works great with handheld and mobile radios
  • Works with UHF Public Safety, Business, and Land-Mobile radio bands
Not all GMRS radios can take an external antenna. If you have questions about this antenna or don’t know if your radio is compatible with it, please contact me first with the model of your radio. I’ll try my best to help you out.


  • Approximately 30 inches tall
  • Half Wave design with no need for groundplane or radials
  • 11 inch mounting section
  • Choice of SO-239 or N Female connector soldered on the point of lowest SWR
  • Pretuned for the 462 – 267 GMRS, land mobile radio, and public safety bands

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 2 in

3 db, 20 degree take-off angle


End-fed 1/2 wave vertical


4+- Mhz from center frequency (462-467 MHz)


1/2 inch Type-M Copper tubing. Amphenol SO-239 connector

14 reviews for 462 MHz Land Mobile (GMRS) J-Pole Antenna

  1. matt

    How is the UHF GMRS antenna 19″ long when a 1/2 wave at that freq is around 12″?? This is assuming 30″ total subtracting 11″ base equaling 19″ radiator. This is not adding up to me…

  2. Michael Martens

    The J-Pole antenna is a half wave radiator with a quarter wave matching section. The overall length of the GMRS J-Pole is 30 inches, so if you take the length of the 1/2 wave radiator, plus the length of the 1/4 wave matching section, and the length of the mounting section below, it all adds up to to about 30 inches.

  3. Joseph (verified owner)

    Installed it on my radio at home here in nevada, hits repeaters nicely, did not put a meter on anything, just attached and went. sounds clear as a bell for us using a mobile as a base station and talking 20 miles away is done with ease!! nice product in my opinion and plan on buying more.

  4. Joseph Moylan (verified owner)

    Update to review from October 31, 2015. Since i purchased the GMRS tuned Jpole, i was a simple GMRS user. I now have since gained my Tech rating and have used it on the 70CM repeaters 49 miles away while passing over a mountain range to get to the repeater on a hill that is slightly lower in elevation. This is done using a juentai 6188 and LMR-400 50ft feeder line to the JPOLE. Clear audio reception and the other party said i sounded near Perfect and this was being done through a solar powered system providing 2 watts! the second repeater was a bit closer about 38 miles out. over the same range.

    I have used a UV5R with a Nagoya NA771 antenna 28 miles away to talk to my home Radio with the Jpole only 2 feet above the roof. WITH EASE! on 1 watt of power on the HT. This is not the type of stuff you expect on “good days” or “some days” this is every day results. The GMRS Antenna has worked excellent for MY needs and i have purchased the MURS and a second GMRS antenna that i plan on using for a repeater.

    Im not trying to get communications to the midwest, just reliable communication and that is what i have for what i want. Cheers

    Joe – KI7DYB

  5. Wayne

    is there a way to adjust the SWR for the antenna, or is this fixed at the factory? The designs I’ve seen show adjusting the feed point for this?

  6. Karter

    I have mine mounted in my attic for about A month now works great did a test with A little mag mount antenna and A handheld 5 watt radio it works great very clear three miles away on 40 watts from my mobile mounted in the house soon I will be going farther out and doing some more test thank you!


  7. DAVID P MCCURLEY (verified owner)

    Just connected my new KB9VBR GMRS J-pole antenna to my new Kenwood TK8360HU 45 watt GMRS radio with some LMR-600 feed line. I am able to reach out to two repeaters that are linked and cover the entire north half of the state of Georgia. One of the repeaters is over 35 miles away!! I’d call that a Superior product for a great price. I can’t wait to get my HAM license so I can buy some more of these great antennas!

  8. Sean (verified owner)

    Love my gmrs j pole. Works great with low swr. Significant increase in range and reception
    Mounting instructions and best practices were clearly explained with fast turn around on shipping.
    Would absolutely reccomend 10/10

  9. Dwigh Shepard

    The antenna got to me very fast, got it up and checked the swr’s and everything was good. Been heading mobiles about 40 miles away while scanning and talked to my wife 13 miles. Mounted just above the roof of the house.

  10. Aristotle B Allen (verified owner)

    when this arrived I immediately check SWR, was expecting it to be good, but it came in at 1.01… near perfect. I live in the burbs and just holding this in my hands attached to an HT I can already reach repeaters 6 miles away that I could never reach before. I cant wait to get this antenna up in the air.

  11. Stephen Eldred (verified owner)

    You can not beat these antennas for the price! I live in a valley with hills on 3 sides (upstate New York) and I can reach my friends simplex who live 5 miles away as the crow flys they live up and over the hills, all on a cheap Baofeng uv5r . I will be purchasing more! Just bought a 2meter jpole for my ham.

  12. Earl (verified owner)

    GMRS J-Pole…Excellent performance. Easily increased the range of my HT by 1/2 mile.

  13. John Cartwright WA8LGM/WQTZ773

    I have one of these in a antenna restricted area in southern Tennessee. I can work the vhf repeaters in Huntsville Alabama with no problem just using my Kenwood TM-281a with the antenna located inside the house in a window.
    Great antenna? I would certainly say great is underrated to describe this antenna. Buy another one? For 440 and 222? Yes and yes.
    Wish I had known about this antenna when I was the radio man for the railroad I used to work for. I would have used the RR antenna before the one we have up there that cost more than 3 of these j-poles.

  14. Denny Goethe (verified owner)

    Have been using mine for 8 months now. It was shipped promptly, thank you. Put it 15′ above the roof for a total of about 30′ above ground using LMR 400 and the beads. I can easily reach the Janesville Wisconsin repeater located 40 miles north east of me even with a UV5R on low power. I need a second antenna for simplex communication. I intend to try the Slim Jim version to see if there is actually any more gain, mounted where the J-Pole currently is before deciding which antenna to put where.

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