UHF 440-470 MHz Slim Jim Antenna

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Are you looking for a UHF omni antenna with a little more gain? Our UHF Slim Jim Antenna delivers up to 6dbi of gain on the 440 – 470 Mhz UHF bands, which is almost twice the gain of a J-Pole and 5 times the gain of a 1/4 wave ground-plane antenna. Plus the antenna also have the great low noise floor and wide bandwidth typical of our other antennas. This is a full Power UHF/GMRS antenna that will work great with handheld and base units. Don’t be limited in performance by VC encased wire antennas.




The difference between a J-Pole and a Slim Jim is simple: while both share the same design, the Slim Jim folds another 1/2 wave element over onto itself, turning the single half wave concept of the J-Pole into a double half wave, or ed fed folded dipole antenna. The folded dipole nature of the Slim Jim gives you about 3dbi of extra gain when compared to the standard J-Pole.


  • Increased gain: compared to a standard J-Pole the Slim Jim has about 6dbi of gain
  • Wider Bandwidth: Almost 8MHz of 2:1 bandwidth (double that of the J-Pole antenna)
  • More RF energy aimed at the horizon: with a take-off angle of about 7 degrees for the Slim Jim, compared to 20 degrees for the J-Pole
  • Compact size: the UHF amateur radio and land-mobile Slim Jim is only 19 inches tall
  • Hear weaker stations: lower noise floor than a wire antenna will help you hear more and capture distant signals better.


  • 19 inches tall, end-fed folded dipole design
  • Gain: 6 dbi, 7 degree takeoff angle
  • Bandwidth: 7+ Mhz
  • Pretuned to 445 MHz: Just connect the coax and transmit (Other frequencies available upon request)
  • Heavy duty construction out of 1/2 inch copper tubing

Special tuning to your particular UHF frequency between 440 – 470 MHz is available for no extra charge. Just leave a note during the checkout process of your frequency of choice and we will take care of the rest.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

4 reviews for UHF 440-470 MHz Slim Jim Antenna

  1. Warren

    Got it on the swr meter the other night and it measured 1 across the GMRS. Great “ham made” folded half wave antenna!

  2. Kevin

    Great GMRS antenna. Mine is installed approximately 18 feet above grade and I can hit a GMRS repeater located 45 miles away from my house using a 5 watt HT GMRS radio. Very low SWR. Overall, a great antenna. Thank you Mike

  3. Josh (verified owner)

    Great GMRS antenna! I set it up in my attic and I get awesome coverage in the Las Vegas valley here in Nevada. SWR is around 1.06.

  4. Norm

    Well made and was shipped quick. Took a min to talk with me on the phone, that speaks volumes to me. Highly recommended, don’t buy anywhere else.

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