How Repeaters Work

What’s the most popular band and operation mode in amateur radio? If you guessed 2 meter VHF FM, you would be correct. As new hams, our first radio is usually a small handheld model. This is a great way to get started in ham radio and connect with other local hams....

Amateur Radio Antenna Connectors

I’ve always said that ham radio would be so much more fun if it weren’t for all the wires and connectors. It always seems that there is always a cable coming loose, causing the whole mess not to work. But connectors are an important component of ham radio,...

Ham Radio License Test Prep Study Resources

How did you feel when you stepped into the room to take your ham radio license exam? Were you calm, confident, and ready for the test? Or were you a bundle of nerves waiting to explode when the exam is presented to you? Proper study and preparation is the key to doing...
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