ham radio santa claus listening to ham radioMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays from KB9VBR J-Pole Antennas. May your holiday season be filled with peace and joy and plenty of rare DX.

Did you get a new radio for the holidays? Don’t forget the antennas. The KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole antenna or 2 Meter Slim Jim Antenna are great choices for your new VHF 2 meter rig. If you received a handheld radio, read my post about how to connect your handheld radio to an external antenna. New hams often start out with HTs but find the range limiting. A good antenna makes all the difference between making the contact and getting lost in the noise.

Merry Christmas once again, spend some time with people you love. After that, if you need a diversion, head on down to the ham shack.

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