IRLP Internet Radio Linking ProjectIRLP, or the Internet Radio Linking Project is a VOIP service that allows repeaters and simplex nodes to link via the Internet. Unlike Echolink, which uses a software and web based interface to utilize the connected repeaters, the IRLP interface is purely radio to radio. The Internet is only used to make the connections between the repeaters.

IRLP is surprisingly easy to use, to connect to an IRLP enabled repeater you use the key pad on your radio to transmit the DTMF tones of the node or reflector number you wish to connect to. You’ll receive an audible announcement when connection is made. To drop or disconnect from a node, you press ’73’ on your radio’s keypad.

More information on IRLP and a list of available nodes and reflectors can be found at the Internet Radio Linking Project website.

Rory put together a great little video that demonstrates how to connect, use, and disconnect from an IRLP node. His setup is using one of my 2 meter J-Pole antennas on an HT to make the connection.

Please note that some repeaters and nodes may be open for general use and some repeaters may require extra codes to access the IRLP system. If you are planning to use IRLP on a repeater on a regular basis, please contact the repeater owner for access information and if a repeater system membership is required to access the IRLP.

Want to talk to me on the IRLP? Our local node in Wausau, WI is the 146.82 W9BCC repeater, node number 4709. We also have the 444.300 W9BCC repeater, Node 4380, but you have better luck catching me on the VHF side of things. Both repeaters are supported by the Rib Mountain Repeater Association. If you are an active IRLP user, be sure to support your local IRLP repeaters.