A common question I get asked is ‘What is the best VHF/UHF amateur radio antenna?’ There’s no simple answer to that question since there’s countless antennas on the market, but in reality, the best amateur radio antenna is the one that works for your purposes and location.

KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole antenna

Foreground is the 2 meter antenna. In the background you can see the ladder line feeding my G5RV antenna (click to enlarge)

For example, on my HF radio I use a G5RV. Now the G5RV probably wouldn’t be classified as a top of the line antenna by any stretch of the imagination. But the antenna fits perfectly within the bounds of my property line and works great for the bands I like to get one, namely 20/40/75 meters. Are there better antenna available? Certainly. But I don’t have the space for a full wave loop or a tower for a tri-band beam.

The same is true for VHF and UHF communication. Other commercial antenna manufacturers make antennas with 8, 10, or even 12 db of gain. They make antennas that are smaller, or larger, built out of exotic components, or can be rolled up into a ball for easy transport. My J-Pole antennas fit the niche of easy use, reliable service, and affordability.

A few things that make the all copper J-Pole antennas excel over their competition include:

  • Rugged construction out of 1/2 copper tubing for years of service
  • Low noise floor for increased sensitivity in receiving weak signals
  • Wide bandwidth to easily cover 4MHz or more of frequency range
  • Omnidirectional radiation pattern for equal coverage of the horizon and slightly above the horizon

When shopping for antennas, consider your needs, location, and budget. You may find that the KB9VBR J-Pole Antenna fits the bill perfectly.