KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole antennaBrian of Anaheim, CA recently purchased one of my 2 meter J-Pole antennas for his shack. The antenna has installed on the chimney of his house above the DTV antenna. He’s put together a great story about the installation and operation of the new antenna. Head on over to his site to see more great pictures and some tips for installing the antenna on a television mast.

As for the performance of the antenna:

The acid test for the new J-Pole antenna was to see if I could hear the 2 meter Keller Repeater about 50 miles away. This is key for me, as it is the only direct radio link from my home to the mountain cabin in Wrightwood. I was able to hear traffic from the repeater, which was a pleasant surprise, as the line of sight is blocked by some nearby hills.

New Antenna Mounting


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