Postal rate increase 2012On Sunday January 22, 2012, the US Postal Service will institute an across the board rate increase for their shipping and mailing services. This rate increase, which will see first class postage increase by 1 cent, will also affect the shipping of Priority Mail packages. Consequently my shipping rates will increase slightly on that day.

The good news is that all antenna orders before the 22nd of January will ship at the old rate. If you are looking for a 2 meter J-Pole antenna, or one of my other amateur radio, public safety, and scanner antennas; you can order now and ship at the existing rate, saving you a little bit of money.

This is the first shipping rate increase I’ve had to make in over three years. Even though the Postal Service has increased their shipping rates on an annual basis (as have all shipping services), I’ve been able to keep shipping in line by closely analyzing my shipping costs and keeping costs in line the best I can.

Thanks again for your continued business, it is greatly appreciated.

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