NOAA Weather / Railroad Band 160 – 162 Mhz J-Pole Antenna


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The NOAA Weather band antenna is perfectly tuned to receive the 162MHz NOAA weather radio broadcasts. If you are looking for an antenna for your weather radio, this is the one to get. Used and trusted by Emergency Managers, Public Safety Officials, Outdoor Event Venues, Schools, and Factories; this antenna will increase the range and signal strength for your weather radio, assuring you will receive critical alerts and messages from the National Weather Service.

The NOAA Weather and railroad band J-Pole is also big hit with railfans everywhere. This antenna is tuned to the 160-164 MHz railroad band and will give you superior performance over the antenna that came with your scanner. If you are serious about listening to the rail band, then this is the antenna for you.


I live about a block away from the rail switch yard and it never ceases to amaze me of the amount of radio traffic you can hear from the train crews. This antenna will do a great job at picking up both the road and yard frequencies. If you want to know what trains are coming into town, or live near an active yard, I highly recommend this antenna. Nothing spices up a model railroad layout more than piping in the sound of actual railroad radio transmissions.


60 inches overall with an SO-239 connector soldered on the spot of lowest SWR.

I just mounted my KB9VBR J-Pole and I can say that I am actually quite impressed with the results 

I have the antenna mounted approx 30ft. on the roof of the house and I am pulling in Locomotives from about 30 miles away.The RR frequencies are really busy now that I have something to pull them in with.

I am picking up base units from well over 70+ miles with ease and can say this is the best $35 I have ever spent on an antenna.

The construction is top notch and I have a feeling this antenna will last me for a very long time. – Intrepid97

Additional Information


3 db, 20 degree take-off angle


End-fed 1/2 wave vertical


4+- Mhz from center frequency (162 MHz)


1/2 inch Type-M Copper tubing. Amphenol SO-239 connector


N Female, SO-239

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1 review for NOAA Weather / Railroad Band 160 – 162 Mhz J-Pole Antenna

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is by far the best $32.00 I have spent on a antenna! I think it’s the best railroad antenna out on the market. I’m able to pick up train crews talking 15 miles out with the antenna only 14ft off the ground. I’ve once tracked a train for 20 miles, and that’s with the train running parallel with the antenna! I live in extreme Northeast Texas, and we have nothing but piney woods surrounding us, and this antenna is still able to pick up 15+ miles out! I’m very pleased on how my J-Pole antenna works!

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