For the last 21 years, I have strived to produce a quality and affordable product. The biggest challenge I consistently have is to manage the ever increasing shipping costs. Up until this point the USPS has been the best and most cost effective effective method to ship my products. Unfortunately this is no longer the case and it has resulted in some significant changes.

Shipping Changes

First off is the change of shipping carriers. With the latest rate change that occurred on April 3, 2022, the USPS has instituted an oversize charge for packages over 30 inches. This was done to address the expense of handling packages that can’t be easily sorted through automation. Since the majority of packages are over 30 inches, this would have imposed a $15 charge to every antenna order going out.

Fortunately, through the vendor that handles my shipping activities, I’ve been able to procure a rate from UPS that is price competitive with the old USPS rates. I would be able to ship most of my packages without incurring the surcharge.

But UPS does invoke a $10 surcharge on packages over 48 inches. This will affect a few of my products.

Product Changes

In order to meet the new package limitation in using UPS as my preferred carrier, the following product changes are happening:

  1. The Original Two Meter J-Pole antenna is no longer available. This antenna is a one piece construction that ships in a package that is 69 inches long. This antenna will no longer be available due to the shipping costs (although the single piece unit may be available at a cost surcharge). Contact me for details.
  2. All single piece antennas will be replaced with two piece models. Instead of the single piece J-Pole, the two piece J-Pole will be substituted. The two piece antennas are under the 48 inch package limit and will ship at the most favorable rates.
  3. The 2 meter Slim Jim antenna will be offered at a slight price increase to offset the shipping surcharge.
  4. There will be no change to the 6 meter antenna. Since that always was an oversize product, the shipping costs have been factored into the price.

New Products

By popular request, I have some new products in development and are in the prototype stage. Watch my Youtube channel for announcements on those items.

If you have any questions, please let me know.