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There are times when you may need more gain than the standard J-Pole antenna. With twice the gain of a standard J-Pole antenna, the 2 meter Slim Jim antenna is a J-Pole on steroids! The Slim is an end-fed folded dipole antenna that has a gain of 6 dbi and a nice low RF take off angle. This makes the 2 Meter Slim Jim antenna a great solution for repeater sites, data and packet stations, APRS, and even every day communications.

I like to use my Slim Jim antenna for running emergency weather nets as the increased gain gives me a nice strong signal into the repeater and also makes it easier to capture weak stations on simplex if I need to listen to them on the repeater input frequency.

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The difference between a J-Pole and a Slim Jim is simple: while both share the same design, the Slim Jim folds another 1/2 wave element over onto itself, turning the single half wave concept of the J-Pole into a double half wave, or ed fed folded dipole antenna. The folded dipole nature of the Slim Jim gives you about 3dbi of extra gain when compared to the standard J-Pole.


  • Increased gain: compared to a standard J-Pole the Slim Jim has about 6dbi of gain
  • Wider Bandwidth: Almost 8MHz of 2:1 bandwidth (double that of the J-Pole antenna)
  • More RF energy aimed at the horizon: with a take-off angle of about 7 degrees for the Slim Jim, compared to 20 degrees for the J-Pole
  • Compact size: the 2 meter Slim Jim is still only 58 inches tall
  • Hear weaker stations: lower noise floor than a wire antenna will help you hear more and capture distant signals better.


  • 58 inches tall, end-fed folded dipole design
  • Gain: 6 dbi, 7 degree takeoff angle
  • Bandwidth: 5+ Mhz
  • Pretuned to 146 MHz: Just connect the coax and transmit
  • Heavy duty construction out of 1/2 inch copper tubing

When would I choose a Slim Jim compared to a J-Pole antenna

kb9vbr 2 meter slim jim antenna

2 Meter Slim Jim antenna ready for service on W9HDG-10 Winlink Node

Both the Slim Jim and J-Pole are great antennas and I continue to recommend both styles of antennas for different situations. The J-Pole will excel at lower mounting heights, apartments, or limited space locations. It’s 20 degree takeoff angle makes it a great choice for people living in valleys or the base of mountain ranges. It’s even radiation pattern is great for communicating with satellites and the International Space Station.

The Slim Jim likes to be mounted high. My experience with it is that you want to get this antenna up at least 20 or 30 feet for it to really perform. The lower takeoff angle is great for simplex communications with handheld or mobile radios. The low noise floor is perfect for data and packet stations. If you live on the top of a hill, go for the Slim Jim.


KB9VBR Slim Jim Mounting

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The 2 meter Slim Jim needs to be isolated from your mast. If you use a non metal mast you should be fine. The antenna does come with a mounting kit that consists of a length of PVC tubing and two hose clamps. You will need two additional clamps to attach the isolator section to the mast.

Mounting instructions for the KB9VBR Slim Jim Antenna.

The [Slim Jim] antennas arrived today. I hooked one up to my transmitter and VSWR meter. I am impressed with the flatness of the antenna over the frequency range. Thank you.   – Gerald Marsh 

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 5 × 2 in

58 Inches tall


5 db, 7 degree take-off angle


End-fed 1/2 wave folded dipole


5+ Mhz from center frequency (146 MHz)


1/2 inch Type-M Copper tubing. Amphenol SO-239 connector


N Female, SO-239

14 reviews for 2 Meter Slim Jim Antenna

  1. David Crawford

    Mike goes the extra mile to make his customers happy.The Slim Jim I bought works great swr is 1.1 to 1.3 across band,hitting repeaters I couldn’t before, audio is lot sharper,used good low loss coax.Best 50 bucks I ever spent.Thanks Mike.

  2. Craig Douglas (verified owner)

    Excellent antenna! Living in Los Angeles County, I’m able to hit repeaters as far away as 225 miles in San Diego County. I’m often asked what kind of antenna I’m using when making contacts so far away. Having only got my Tech license a year and a half ago, it took no special skill on my part to install the antenna on my roof. Michael always has responded to my emails whenever I have a question. Very satisfied with this product and I will certainly buy another antenna again from Michael.

  3. Donn / VA7DH

    This is not really a review of this particular slim jim antenna but one that I made from 300 ohm twin lead as an emergency 2m antenna for field use. The first one I made and started testing in my basement. I connected to my Icom 91A handheld and managed to pull up a couple of local repeaters. I was encouraged so tried a repeater 92 km away and pulled it up too. The slim jim is a terrific type of antenna no matter what shape it is. You alter the design to suit the need and the available material. The copper piping version is solid, wind tolerant, and will probably outlast the owner. I have made several of the twin lead version for emergency prep people and all have commented that it’s the best portable antenna going when it comes to range. 73

  4. Jeff Canipe (verified owner)

    Being new to amateur radio, and still using an HT, I am looking for ways to improve my signal. I came across this site after hearing people talk about J pole antennas. Being very inquisitive, I had numerous questions about the products he makes. Mike answered every single question. His site is also very educational. I ended up buying a slimjim, 9913 flex coax ( coax purchased elsewhere ), and I mounted it in my attic. I am easily hitting a repeater located over 90 miles away. I am also hitting repeaters I never thought I would get to. Great product and guidance.

  5. Rob Robinette K9OJ

    I have had one of Mike’s 2 meter Slim Jim antennas in my attic for over a year now in use with my APRS digipeater. When I replaced my old antenna I was amazed at the extra distance the Slim Jim provided. The build quality is excellent and the price is very low for what you get. Mike obviously wants to promote the hobby by keeping his prices as low as possible. I highly recommend his antennas for Amateur Radio and the scanning hobby.

  6. Mike

    Set it up today took down j pole had up for all most a year . Slim Jim . Has out perform j pole from the start.not saying. I will not put .J pole back up only have one lm400 cable . I have a range of 35 miles on j pole and slim Jim . Have 5w .Wouxun HT uv3d works well . Find business .See you down the log book .

  7. Bryan K4BCL

    Extremely useful for an attic installation! I live where there is a dip in elevation and I am literally surrounded on all four sides by elevations of 20′-90′ or more.

    I installed the Slim Jim J-pole in my house attic and it fits almost perfectly vertical. I am able to reach repeaters with an HT that I could never touch when using a rubber duck or even a mobile roof mount antenna. The SWR was 1.1 to 1 and signal reception is awesome.

    This is definitely one antenna I will never be without. Shipping and packing was first rate, as was customer service.

  8. Donn

    I’m not reviewing this specific antenna but the type. I have built several slim jims made from 300 ohm twin lead and also 450 ohm ladder line. Those are portable roll up antennas. The first one I built I hung from a heat vent in my basement, hooked it to my Icom 91A hand held radio and tried a repeater 82 km away. A chap came back and said I was a little noisy. I let him know that he probably should not be able to hear me at all. Since then I have made several contacts at that range and more. Anyone who claims that slim jims are just not worth the effort I would tell them that they probably have used one that was not tuned up properly. A 6 meter version and probably a 10 meter version would also be a good idea. All the best everyone.

  9. KN4JCE (verified owner)

    Pretty nice antenna! I am in sort of a bad area, and I have tried several base antennas. This slim jim works pretty well for me. There is a repeater near me (only about 21 miles as the crow flies) that I can only hit with a directional (quad) antenna; my transmission is great with the quad, but my Rx is not so good. With the slim jim I’m able to Rx between S5 and S6 as well as Tx well. Due to neighborhood covenants I have the antenna installed in my attic space. I’ve only just installed the antenna tonight, so I haven’t used it much yet. I will report back once I’ve had a chance to test it out.

  10. Kirt Robertson/ KJ7JHA (verified owner)

    I purchased this antenna about 2 weeks ago to replace a home brew dipole i made. Was easy to set up and I am getting 1.2:1 SWR. Very happy with the construction and reception. Clean and clear.I have been using it for local 2m and digital WiresX off of a third person node. The antenna is well tuned and I would highly recommend.

  11. Mark K5MGK (verified owner)

    I just got my slim jim this morning. I installed it on a tripod at 12+ feet high. I tested it with a local ham on our local repeaters (both 144 and 440) and a 144 simplex frequency. I gave me a perfect quieting strong signal report. Thanks Martin KB9VBR!

  12. Tony

    This antenna performs as well as my GP-6. Furthest contact so far has been 127 miles. It’s performance is better that expected. Great value for the price. It was shipped out promptly.

  13. Mike S. (verified owner)

    This antenna is a really good value. I have no problems hitting most of the local repeaters and occasionally 25 – 30 miles away. It fits easily into a space in my attic. Two thumbs up for this one.

  14. John Mead

    Wonderful antenna, grabs the UHF and VHF with ease. 5 watts
    Range 65 to 70 miles on line of sight and 45 miles on off angles.
    Using top grade coax from Italy and top grade connectors.
    It is important to follow Michaels instructions on the setup, it does help alot.


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