Tell Your Friends

kb9vbr j-pole and slim jim antennas ham radioHelp share the love of the J-Pole antenna. Many of my sales come via referrals from satisfied customers who use and love my antennas.  I love word of mouth advertising and want to make it easier for you to spread the word. If you drop me your name and address via the contact form, I will personally mail out a handful of cards that you can use to tell your friends and ham buddies about these great antennas.

Take the cards to ham radio club meetings, hamfests, VE testing sessions, ARES/RACES events, or morning coffee klatches; anywhere that ham operators get together and talk about all things amateur radio.

I usually throw about a half dozen cards in the envelope; but if you need more, let me know and I’ll give you any quantity you may require.

I greatly appreciate your personal referrals and testimonials. Thanks again for recomending KB9VBR J-Pole antennas to your friends.