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What is the distance that my antenna will receive

Antenna range is a common question that I receive from ham radio operators and scanner buffs looking to purchase my antennas. I wish there was an easy answer to this question, but unfortunately there are plenty of variables to consider when analyzing what kind of distance you’ll receive from your KB9VBR J-Pole or Slim Jim […]

ISS contacted with an HT and 2 meter J-Pole antenna

Daniel, W2GRK of Brooklyn, NY had an APRS packet digipeated during a recent pass of the International Space Station. Reported on I was able to send an APRS packet off the ISS on 09/22/12 at 03:50 EDT with only 5 watts (a Yaesu VX-170) and a j-pole (The 2 Meter Breakaway J-Pole Antenna) from […]

RF Energy Safety and Exposure

I love reader questions and I had a great question this past week that I wanted to share with the rest of my readers. I’ve recommended installing antennas in the attic if you don’t have an adequate location outdoors or if you have to deal with homeowners restrictive covenants or HOA rules. But could putting […]

6 Meters, The Magic Band, is heating up for the summer

June is here, and now that the days are getting longer and warmer, my attention turns to VHF propagation, most notably the 6 meter band. Six Meters really starts to heat up in June, just in time for the ARRL’s VHF QSO Party. June marks the opening the summer’s Sporadic-E propagation season, so you’ll start […]

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