Favorite Ham Radio Holiday Gift Picks for 2019

Last week over the thanksgiving holiday my son was home from school. as I was retrieving the mail I spotted a catalog and said “Oh Look it’s the Christmas wish book” Boy did his eyes light up and wanted to see what I was talking about. I then showed him the Ham Radio...

Retevis RT97 UHF Portable Repeater

Well, the mystery box has been opened and the contents revealed. Today we’re going to take a look at the Retevis RT97 portable repeater. In fact, I’ll be doing a couple of videos on the RT97. This first one is an overview of the RT97, with a look at its features and...

Green Egg for Ham NMO Antenna Mount Cover

The Green Egg for Ham is a cute name for a 3D printed cover for your NMO antenna mounts. The Motorola style NMO mount is a popular style mount for amateur radio antennas. And you’ll want to keep your mount covered or capped if you don’t have an antenna on it....
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