I take a look at the Coffee and Ham Radio’s Apollo End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antenna. CaHRtenna EFHW is a 49:1 end fed antenna designed to operate on the 40 to 10 meter bands.

The god Apollo is one of the most important in Greek Mythology and is also the name of the Coffee and Ham Radio’s flagship product, their end fed half wave antenna. The coffee and ham radio guys sent me one of their antennas to build, so let’s put it together and get it on the air.

Apollo is the greek god of light. Also archery, truth, and poetry. These are some pretty lofty goals to attach a name to an end fed half wave antenna. But I have a feeling the Coffee and Ham Radio’s Apollo antenna will live up to those expectations.

The coffee and ham radio’s Apollo antenna is available online for purchase direct from them. They did send me this antenna in exchange for one of my 2 meter J-Pole antennas and a review, but my opinions are my own. This antenna comes as a kit, so you will have to assemble it before putting it on the air. All the parts are included, with the exception of some basic tools,

So let’s head to the bench, unbox the Apollo antenna, assemble it, and give it a test.

Coffee and Ham Radio CaHRtenna Apollo EFHW: https://coffee-and-ham-radios.square.site/product/cahrtenna-apollo-end-fed-half-wave-/8
CaHRtenna Apollo Build Instructions: https://github.com/TemporarilyOffline/cahrtenna/blob/main/CaHRtenna%20Apollo%20Build%20Instructions.pdf
Coffee and Ham Radio Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/coffeeandhamradios

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00:00 CaHRtenna Apollo End Fed Halfwave
01:18 Unboxing the Apollo EFHW
04:02 Building the CaHRtenna Apollo
07:55 Deploying and Tuning
12:10 Making contacts
14:24 My Opinion and conclusion