Joe, KD9CJX and Jerry W9GLG give a presentation on end fed antennas at the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association’s 2021 ARRL Field Day. This was the group’s educational activity for Field Day.

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00:00 Introduction
01:25 What is an end fed antenna
05:02 Why end fed antennas require impedance matching
07:40 Half Wave End Fed Antennas
08:12 Random wire end fed antennas
09:58 Advantages of random wire end fed antennas
11:05 Are counterpoises necessary?
13:47 Describing the matching transformer (UNUN) for a random wire antenna
15:43 Wire length’s importance to a random wire antenna
17:03 Efficiency can be affected with wire length vs transformer size
18:50 Combating coaxial radiation (ugly baluns or chokes)
20:41 Questions
25:23 Ending

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