Well, a new year is right around the corner. So I thought it would be a good idea to recycle all that content I created during the last year and put together a Ham Radio Q&A best of 2017 show. I’m going to count down the top ten video and articles found on my blog at www.jpole-antenna.com.

Speaking of this channel, I’ve seen some amazing growth this year. Subscribers has doubled to over 3,000 and monthly views have also greatly increased. So my goal is to double my growth again for the coming year. Thank you again for your support.

In creating my top ten list I’ve noticed a few trends. Notably instructional and amateur radio lifestyle videos seem to be the most popular. That’s good to know as I’ll use the data to fine tune my offerings for the coming year. So if there is a topic you’d like to see, please leave it in the comments below.

But enough of that, let’s get on with the countdown:

10 Maidenhead Grid Square Locator

Grid squares are common locator tool for VHF DXers and weak signal modes like JT65 and FT8. But this coming year the ARRL’s new operating event will make them even more valuable. This video will tell you what a grid square is and how they work.

9 Visiting Mosinee Hill Repeater Site

Last fall I took a trip with a few other hams to do some maintenance at one of our local repeater sites. Ever wonder what goes on at a repeater site? This video dives into the equipment and workings at a repeater located in North Central Wisconsin.

8 Cold Weather Amateur Radio

Living in a northern climate, our club’s amateur radio activities don’t stop when it gets cold outside. So if you are planning to provide communications for a cold weather activity, or participating in the upcoming Winter Field Day, this video will help you out.

7 ARRL Field Day Safety

The purpose of Field Day is to set up a temporary station in a ‘wild’ location and make contacts. But that can bring about a certain amount risk. This video will help you minimize those risks with safety tips concerning generators, lightning, and most importantly; the human element.

6 Amateur Radio Hidden Transmitter Hunting

This is the companion video to my tape measure beam antenna video. Our local club hid a transmitter and we had to go and find it. Fox hunting is a great way to spend a morning, so I hope this video inspires you to try it yourself.

5 Sending Email via HF Radio

Email is a common and ubiquitous form of communication. But if you aren’t connected to the Internet- say you’re out in the wild or at sea, sending a message could be next to impossible. So if you are into emergency communications, you’ll want to watch this video on how to use Winlink to send and receive email over the HF airwaves.

4 Why you Should Upgrade your Amateur Radio License

Everyone one of us in the amateur radio service started out as a Novice or Technician. Our quest for personal growth and enrichment is what keeps up moving forward and upgrading. This video lists the reasons why it is a good idea, and maybe not a good idea, to upgrade your amateur radio license.

3 ARRL Field Day Wrap-up

Field Day is the largest amateur radio operating event. Our local club, the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association, has consistently participated in the event since 1935. Well, quite a few things have changed since those early days, but a lot has stayed the same: notably the camaraderie and spirit to put our best forward. This video highlights the efforts in making Field Day 2017 a success.

2 Buying Used Amateur Radio Gear

Hamfests, you gotta love them. With the rising cost of new amateur radio equipment, shopping used can be a great way to build a very good amateur radio station. But how you find that ‘pig in a poke’ without getting stuck with someone elses problem? This video will give you the tips and tools for landing a deal.

An finally, the top video of the year.

1 Tape Measure Yagi Beam Antenna

As I alluded to in hidden transmitter video, this was the top new video of 2017. With over 14,000 views and 163 shares, it was certainly the most popular of the year also. And as one commenter put it, this video sets the bar on what an instructional video should be like. In this video I show you how to build an inexpensive 2 meter yagi antenna out of a steel tape measure and some PVC tubing. This antenna is perfect for fox hunting or to use as a directional antenna for a public service activity.

Well, there you have it, the top ten videos and blog articles for 2017. Did your favorite video make the list? Please feel free to leave a comment below.