Looking for a compact, portable antenna with a decent amount of gain? Our popular Two Meter Slim Jim antenna is now available in a two piece break-a-way format.

KB9VBR-Break-a-way-Slim-Jim-Antenna-connectorThe 2 meter break-a-way Slim Jim antenna has the same performance and specs as the solid one piece model, with the exception of a screw connector in the middle. This connector lets you break down the antenna into two pieces for easy transport and storage. Once disassembled, the 58 inch antenna is broken down into two 30 inch segments.


Specifications for the Two Meter Break-a-way Slim Jim Antenna

  • KB9VBR-Break-a-way-Slim-Jim-Antenna-closeup-wideangle58 inches tall
  • End Fed folded dipole design with a J system matching section
  • Screw Connector at 30 inches for easy dissassembly
  • Gain: 6dbi, 7 degree RF radiation takeoff angle
  • Bandwidth: 7+ Mhz
  • Constructed out of 1/2 inch copper tubing
  • Pretuned to 146 MHz

The Two Meter Break-a-way Slim Jim Antenna retails for $49.00.