These two log periodic antennas are for sale, local pickup only Wausau, WI. Contact me for details.

Last fall, my good friend and great amateur radio operator Dennis, W9PBB passed away. In his will he donated all his amateur radio and electronic gear to the local amateur radio club. We helped the family clean out his house last fall, but had to leave the tower until the the weather was better. After a long, wet winter Saturday May 11 was the day the tower and two log periodic antenna were to come down. Although we were expecting warm weather in May, it was a chilly and blustery morning. But the house had been sold and we needed to finish up the job.

The setup, a 48 foot free standing Trylon Tower and two Tennadyne log periodic antennas presented a formidable challenge. Unlike smaller ham radio towers, these were substantial, bulky, and heavy. A simple gin pole wouldn’t do the job. The club ended up hiring a tree company to aid with their 60 foot bucket truck.

10 years ago we helped Dennis put the tower up, so taking the tower down a decade later was a little bittersweet.







The tower has been sold, and moved to its new home, ready to be erected once the new owner prepares a spot for it. The Log Periodic antennas, a Tennadyne T-10 and Tennadyne T-28 are for sale, (Wausau, WI local pickup only, we will not ship). Antennas are 10 years old, in excellent shape, and show no corrosion. If you are interested in the antennas, leave me a message in the contact form.