IARU region emblemsOn April 18, 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was founded. On the 18th of April the founding event is commemorated with the celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. There are over 700,000 ham radio licensees in the USA and about 2 ½ million worldwide. World Amateur Day’s mission is to spread the goodwill message of amateur radio.

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is an organization consisting of over 160 national amateur radio societies around the world. Although individuals can’t join the IARU, the best way they can support the organization is by joining one of the national amateur radio organizations, such as the ARRL. Among the many activities the IARU does; the IARU sponsors World Amateur Radio Day each year in the spring. IARU member-societies are encouraged to take advantage of this special day to promote amateur radio in their country.

Take some time this World Amateur Day to get on the air, make some contacts and wish the person on the other end a happy World Amateur Day.