Holiday Light Spectacular Low Power FM broadcast antennaIt’s hard to believe that the Christmas holiday season is right around the corner. But the intrepid people that put together holiday lights displays for their homes have already been busy for months designing the concept and pulling together the lights and effects to turn their house into a winter wonderland.

Many lights displays now contain synchronized music and more and more lighting designers are turning to the Low Power FM Broadcast J-Pole antenna to help transmit the sound to the car radios of the viewers. The LPFM J-Pole antenna works great in this regard as it’s half wave design and low noise floor will give you a strong without flutter or dropouts even with the lowest power transmitters. Since the FM transmitters preferred by the Holiday Lights crowd tend run around 5 watts, a good antenna is key for a stronger, better signal.

Many popular transmitters, like the Ramsey FM-30B require an ‘F’ connector for their antenna port. All my antennas come with an SO-239 connector that is a standard for VHF and UHF antennas. I recommend an F to SO-239 adapter so that you can use off the shelf coax with standard connectors.

November is a busy month for antennas, but turnaround for the LPFM antenna is usually only 3 days, and I ship via USPS Priority Mail, so you can have your antenna in under a week. Order before Thanksgiving and you should be on the air around the 1st of December.