Railroad yard scanner antenna to pick up train signals and transmissionsDo you love listening to trains? Do you wish you coud extend the range of your scanner so you could hear more of the action on the railroads? My Railroad band antenna works great for train buff and railfans to listen to the action in both the rail yard and on the line.

I live only a couple of blocks away from the rail yard (see the attached image). Even though we’re not on a very busy line, there is no lack of good railroad listening in my community as several trains a day make their way through town.

An external antenna makes a big difference in improving your scanner’s coverage. Mounting one of my railroad band antennas outside can increase your range several fold. The J-Pole makes an excellent scanner and railband antenna in that it has a very low noise floor, so its capable of receiving the low power telemetry signals on the rail line. Plus it has wide enough bandwidth so that it can also double as a general purpose scanner antenna if you want to expand your listening pleasure.

Unlike other scanner antennas that cost two or three times the price of mine, the J-Pole is an affordable solution for railfans on a budget. The heavy duty copper construction will also last forever. Unlike cheap imported antennas, these are designed to withstand, heat, cold, bitter weather and high wind.

Need more information, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call. Your personal satisfaction is my guarantee.