J-Pole antenna copper pricesThe price of copper tubing, the main ingredient for the KB9VBR J-Pole antenna has steadily increased for the last six months. Unfortunately, due to the rise in material prices, there will be a light increase in the price of the J-Pole antennas. I am anticipating roughly a 7% price increase that will go into affect on January 1, 2011. Shipping costs will remain the same.

You can beat the price increase and take advantage of today’s prices by purchasing an antenna before midnight on December 31, 2010.

Copper is a very volatile commodity and I’ve been able to hold prices steady for the last three years. This is the first price increase I’ve made since 2007. Since that time copper has been on a roller coaster of sorts and I’d  rather produce a quality product with a slight price increase rather than skimping on materials and workmanship.

I apologize for the increase, but thank you for understanding.