The first weekend in December marks the annual National Weather Service’s 2010 SKYWARN Recognition Day. The event celebrates the contributions that volunteer SKYWARN radio operators make to the National Weather Service. During the day SKYWARN operators visit NWS offices and contact other radio operators across the world. Now in its 12th year, the 2010 SKYWARN Recognition Day is on Saturday, December 4.

Details on SKYWARN Recognition Day and who is participating can be found at the NWS SKYWAN Recognition Day Site.

I really enjoy this event. It gives you a chance to tour your local NWS office, meet the meteorologists and see how they use the information submitted to them by volunteer spotters to keep citizens safe during the event of severe weather. If you can’t make it to a tour, you still can contact many of the NWS offices on HF, or VHF frequencies as they will have their stations up and running for the special event.

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