Daniel W2grk

Daniel, W2GRK

Daniel, W2GRK of Brooklyn, NY had an APRS packet digipeated during a recent pass of the International Space Station.

Reported on Reddit.com:

I was able to send an APRS packet off the ISS on 09/22/12 at 03:50 EDT with only 5 watts (a Yaesu VX-170) and a j-pole (The 2 Meter Breakaway J-Pole Antenna) from my fire escape. It was a fairly high pass.

0:TX -> W2GRK>APX200,ARISS:=/9wgm;h:m` Hi from Brooklyn, NY! VIA ISS 
0:TNC-> WB8NUT-2>APRS,RS0ISS-4*:Hello from Duffy in Anderson Twp., OH - www.wb8nut.com 
0:TNC-> W2GRK>APX200,RS0ISS-4*:=/9wgm;h:m` Hi from Brooklyn, NY! VIA ISS 
0:TNC-> KA5ULM>S3RX5P,RS0ISS-4*:'xJNl -/]= 
0:TNC-> RS0ISS-4>CQ,SGATE:>ARISS - International Space Station (BBS/APRS on) 
0:TNC-> N8ROA>CQ,RS0ISS-4*::W2GRK :Hello from Darrin in SE Ohio 
0:TNC-> KB1WNS-7>T2RS3S,RS0ISS-4*:`c`(l")K\>"4$} jckeel@gmail.com= 
0:TNC-> WB8NUT-2>APRS,RS0ISS-4*::BLN :Hello and GM from Cincinnati, Ohio 
0:TNC-> KA5ULM>S3RX5P,RS0ISS-4*:'xJNl -/]Ed Dunn KA5ULM in Frenchport, AR= 
0:TNC-> KB1WNS-7>APK003,RS0ISS-4*::EMAIL :jckeel@gmail.com MSG via R0ISS{7 

2 meter breakaway antenna

The 2 meter J-Pole antenna makes a great antenna for satellite and ISS contacts. The J-Pole, being a half wave antenna by design has a nice, omnidirectional radiation pattern and about a 20 degree RF takeoff angle. This makes it easy to receive and transmit data and voice to the International Space Station and amateur satellites with FM transponders.

I’ve monitored the ISS with a J-Pole and base radio, but have never made a contact using an HT. Especially doing it in a dense, urban environment like Brooklyn NY. Great Job, Daniel!