222 Mhz Amateur Radio Antenna

It’s difficult to find a good base antenna for the 222MHz band. Many of the manufacturers have given up on this band, which is a shame. I personally enjoy the 220 band; it’s relatively quiet and you don’t have every person with a scanner listening in on your conversations.

220 MHz J-Pole VHF ham radio antenna

222 MHz J-Pole ham radio antenna

A good base antenna makes the 222 MHz band much more enjoyable; why suffer with a mobile antenna when you can have a quality made all-copper J-Pole base antenna. The 222 MHz J-Pole antenna will get you on the air with great signal reports. Same basic specs as the other antennas, you should expect low noise, great results, and about 3db of gain. This antenna is a perfect companion for your Jetstream JT220M or Alinco DR-235TMKIII radios.

This antenna is designed and tuned specifically for the 1.25 meter amateur radio band. Many of the hams that have purchased this antenna have put it to use for in situations such as:

  • FM voice operations
  • Remote base and repeater control
  • Data and packet radio network stations
  • Mil-Air frequency scanning and monitoring


  • Jetstream JT220M 222MHz amateur radio

    The 222 MHz J-Pole antenna is a great companion for your Jetstream, Alinco or other brand of 220MHz amateur radios.

    Omnidirectional radiation pattern

  • Half Wave design doesn’t require radials or a groundplane
  • 3 dbi of gain and low noise floor enhances weak signal operations
  • Solid construction out of 1/2 inch copper tubing


  • Approximately 49 inches tall
  • Half wave design with 1/4 wave matching stub. No groundplane necessary
  • 11 inch mounting section
  • Pretuned to 222 MHz with 5+ MHz of bandwidth
220 MHz J-Pole antenna

222 MHz J-Pole antenna. Click to enlarge

Getting on 220 is like having your own private radio channel.

Hi Michael, received my 223.00 Mhz today and of when I went up my tower it started snowing, but I got it installed with rf choke loops and did some testing and works like a charm, THANKS for a quality antenna!! Matched up well and covers a great area, able to hit a 220 repeater 80 miles away. Thanks.

Michael, K7MMA

I made a 2 meter J-Pole and I bought your 1.25 meter J-pole; it was just easier and priced right. I wanted to tell you it works GREAT on 220mhz. I was going to try somthing else later but decided to keep using yours instead. Thanks and 73.

Jim, KE3JH

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