We travel to far northwest Wisconsin, spending Labor Day weekend at Amnicon Falls State Park (POTA K-1436). Unfortunately a heat wave gripping the midwest follows us north. Will we escape the heat, or will Lake Superior fail to cool us down.

Amnicon Falls State Park, near Superior Wisconsin features a geologic anomaly called the Douglass Fault. More than 500 million years ago, ancient basalts pushed upwards and broke through the younger sandstone, creating a rift. It is most pronounced at this point along the Amnicon river where you see the black volcanic rock above the falls and brown sandstone below it.

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Amnicon Falls State Park: https://pota.app/#/park/K-1436
William A Irvin: https://decc.org/william-a-irvin/
POTA Flag: https://www.clubgearonline.com/product/POTA-parks-on-the-air-flag/142
Build a Headset Trigger Switch: https://youtu.be/b5Wu8BlrSF0
Random Wire End Fed Antenna: https://youtu.be/D_-aNzrIXWs

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00:00 Ammicon Falls State Park
00:50 74 foot random wire end fed antenna
01:10 20 meter phone activation of K-1436
04:28 40 Meter phone activation of K-1436
07:32 William A Irvin
08:53 Now’s not the time for selfies
10:04 20 meter activation of Amnicon Falls
13:18 17 meter phone activation
15:43 Fish and FT8
16:53 Morning and recap

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