I meet up with Dan, KD9MSP, and Don, KD9SZN, for a three-way activation of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (POTA K-4238) at the Langlade County, Wisconsin Lumbercamp Segment. We also check into the Hillbilly Hilton at the abandoned Norem Lumber Camp.

Dan and Bob invited me to check out the Hillbilly Hilton, an improvised shelter found in Langlade county on the Lumber Camp segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. The lumber camp is long gone, with the exception of some foundations and a root cellar. But we’ll get to that in a bit, first we need to put this park on the air.

I do return QSL, if you made a contact with me and would like a QSL, please send me one. Return postage not necessary, but always appreciated. As they say, KB9VBR is ‘good in the book.

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