Roche-a-Cri is French for ‘Screaming Rock.’ French explorers dubbed this outcrop in central Wisconsin that name, but ancient petroglyphs on the rock indicate that indigenous people have been visiting this site for ages prior. Roche-a-Cri State Park (POTA K-1474) is a jewel in the middle of Wisconsin’s Central Sands region and an island of the Glacial Lake Wisconsin.

Roche a Cri State Park is an island. As the glaciers receded 17,000 years ago, central wisconsin filled with water. Glacial Lake Wisconsin is what it was called. Over the millenia, partially submerged hills were eroded by wind and water, exposing their cambian sandstone core. These mysterious outcrops are what remain, islands of a long ago lake.

Standing above the horizon, Roche a Cri was a waypoint, a marker for first peoples, early explorers, and modern times. Petroglyphs mark the passing of indigenous populations. The French explorers named it screaming rock, and this spot was a rest stop along the highway until it was turned into a state park in 1948.

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