I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with digital modes. That is, until I got the Digirig Mobile Interface. Now getting on FT-8 and the other data modes with the Yaesu Ft-891 is a piece of cake.

Digirig Mobile Interface: https://amzn.to/41YrDgF
Yaesu FT-8xx cable for the Digirig: https://amzn.to/3LNy6W7
Digirig Mobile website: https://digirig.net/

Digital menu settings for the Ft-891

08-01 Data Mode: others
08-02 PSK Tone: 1500
08-03 Other Disp: 1500
08-04 Other Shift: 1500
08-06 Data LCUT Freq: 300
08-07 Data HCUT Freq: 2800
08-09 Data In Select: Rear
08-10 Data PTT Select: DAKY
08-11 Data Out Level: 50
08-12 Data BFO: USB
16-03 HF PWR: 30
16-10 Data Mic Gain: 50

Front panel menu settings:
Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Off
Band Width (WDH): 3000 hz
Processor (PRC): Off
Digital Noise Reduction (DNR): OFF
Front Meter (MTR): ALC

Links and resources

Other super-handy FT8 and Yaesu FT-891 videos:
FT-891 buttons and functions: https://youtu.be/Zh-U2pVTlUs
EASY Way to Setup FT8 on a Yaesu FT-891: https://youtu.be/US5HOffEp1c
Ground Plane Antenna Screen: https://youtu.be/UadUg5H8KO8

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Digirig Mobile Interface
02:41 How the Digirig Mobile Works
05:13 Using Digirig with WSJT-X
06:25 Configurating the FT-891 with the Digirig
08:00 Adjusting Audio Out and ALC on the FT-891
09:50 Dells of the Eau Claire River County Park
10:58 Getting on the Air with FT8
11:53 Conclusion