Using a window screen instead of a conventional ground radial network for a vertical antenna is an effective small space method to improving your signal strength. Testing of the ground screen was at Council Grounds State Park, WI (POTA K-1447).

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36×84 inch Bright Aluminum Window Screen:

Ground Screen: An Alternative to a buried ground network
Ham Radio Magazine. May, 1977

WSPR, Weak Signal Propagation Reporter:

Bypass your Wolf River Coil:

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Mesh Ground Screen
02:39 Setting up the ground screen
03:14 SWR testing the ground screen
04:54 WSPR results on ground screen vs radials
11:20 Setting up the screen at K-1447
12:14 real world test of ground screen 15 and 20 meters
16:06 40 meter test of the ground screen
18:59 Activation recap and conclusion

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