Snow, rain, graupel; we experienced it all on our weekend at Governor Thompson State Park (POTA K-1453). I also managed a five band Parks on the Air activation including 80 meters during the late shift. Thank you Chameleon Antennas for supplying the CHA-LEFS8010 end fed half wave antenna. A full review is coming.

Chameleon CHA LEFS 8010 Lightweight End-Fed Sloper

I do return QSL, if you made a contact with me and would like a QSL, please send me one. Return postage not necessary, but always appreciated. As they say, KB9VBR is ‘good in the book.’

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00:00 Introduction
00:53 Governor Thompson State Park, WI
02:00 Setting up the Chameleon CHA LEFS 8010
02:43 40 meter late shift activation
06:10 Chilly Morning Breakfast
06:41 Goodman County Park Strong Falls
07:33 10 Meter activation of K-1453
09:25 15 meter activation
11:46 20 meter activation
16:14 Setting up the antenna for 80m
17:20 Pizza
17:39 80 meter late shift activation
21L:41 Weekend results