Road Trip Sunday takes us to Buckhorn State Park (POTA K-1443) on the Castle Rock Flowage of the Wisconsin River. Can I make contacts on 4 bands in this activation?

I do return QSL, if you made a contact with me and would like a QSL, please send me one. Return postage not necessary, but always appreciated. As they say, KB9VBR is ‘good in the book.’

Wolf River Coil Silver Bullet 1000 (SB-1000):
Chameleon 17 foot stainless whips CHA SS17:
CB Antenna quick release mirror mount :
3/8×24 stud with SO-239 connection:
Rigexpert Stick AA-230 Antenna Analyzer:

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00:00 Introduction
00:31 Buckhorn State Park , WI
02:50 Setting up the Wolf River Coil
03:37 10 Meter non-activation
04:00 15 Meter park to park
06:01 17 Meter contacts
09:13 Interlude
09:45 20 Meter Pileups
15:53 Wrap-up

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