The Chameleon CHA TDL Tactical Delta Loop antenna is a portable multi band portable HF antenna designed for operation on the 80 through 6 meter bands.

The Tactical Delta Loop antenna is comprised of two 17-foot telescoping whip antennas, a matching transformer, a 25-foot loop wire, a ground spike mount, a “V” coupling, and 50 feet of coaxial cable. Antennas built by Chameleon Antenna are versatile, dependable, stealthy, and built to last. Please read this operator’s manual so you may obtain the maximum utility from your Tactical Delta Loop antenna.

Chameleon Tactical Delta Loop Field Test:

Chameleon Tactical Delta Loop Antenna

Convert your MPAS 2.0 into a Tactical Delta Loop:
Chameleon SS17 Stainless Steel Whips

Chameleon CHA TDL Hub Kit

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00:00 Open
00:38 Chameleon CHA TDL Tactical Delta Loop
01:03 What is a loop and Delta Loop antenna
01:46 What’s included with the Antenna
03:02 Chameleon Hub Kit MPAS 2.0 Conversion
04:02 Deployment Options
05:28 How to Set up the Antenna
06:22 SWR Test
07:22 Antenna Directivity
08:07 40/80 meter performance
09:53 20 meter and up performance
10:26 My rating of the Chameleon Tactical Delta Loop
13:09 Who is this antenna good for? My impressions
15:24 Closing