This weekend I met up with Dave, KZ9V, for a joint Parks on the Air activation at the Black River State Forest Castle Mound campground in Black River Falls, Wisconsin POTA K-4348. It was a fun weekend working with a variety of modes and making a lot of contacts. Plus the food wasn’t bad, either.

I will return QSL any 2-way contact. If you would like a QSL card; my callsign, KB9VBR, is “good in the book” as they say.

Time Stamps
00:00 Cold Open, travel
01:00 Introduction
02:44 40-10m End Fed Half Wave antenna deployment
03:18 Modifying the antenna for 80 meter operation
05:21 Dave activating K-4348 40m phone
08:07 Deploying the Wolf River Coil Vertical
08:25 Michael activating K-4348 40m phone
11:32 Hiking up the Castle Mound
14:31 A message from Dave
15:07 Dinner
15:44 40m CW late shift activation
18:50 Biscuits and the WI ARES/RACES HF Net
19:52 Conclusion

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