As we get ready for our week long expedition in the upper peninsula of Michigan, I’ve been looking for storage solutions to organize all our gear. I’ve used a lot of different types of storage totes and containers, some I’ve liked and others were terrible. But now I think I’ve found a storage system that’s durable, spacious, and just plain works.

And that’s the Husky Professional Storage containers found at The Home Depot. According to the product description, the Husky professional storage container features heavy-duty construction to easily and conveniently store most garage/workshop items efficiently.

It has a secure 6 point latching lid and interior gasket protects your items from dust and water. The high-impact resistant polycarbonate lid is the strongest available and provides clear visibility to contents inside along with stack ability.

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Husky Professional 12 Gallon Waterproof Storage Container with hinged lid:

Husky Professional 5 Gallon Waterproof Storage Container with hinged lid:

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