Michael: And then finally Robert asks, what’s a better choice for multi-band antenna. an off-center fed dipole or G5RV. I run a G5RV, at my house because it fits my property very well. They are a particular antenna. So, you know,  there’s a couple of things you just need to be cognizant of when you’re, when you’re installing 

Joe: You got to have it 40 feet in the air. 

Michael: Yeah.  At least at least 30, 35 feet, 40 feet. , the ladder line can’t touch anything, you know, but ladder line does not have to drape all the way down. It can be at an angle. That’ll work fine. , so, but just as long as it’s not touching your house, or the ground or, or things like that, and you need a tuner with the G5RV, a wide ranging tuner. An internal tuner in your transceiver will probably not work well with a G5RV, but an external tuner of all day long. Off center fed dipoles. Typically, you know, they’re a little bit more forgiving there, , because they use that 4:1 balun. Your impedance should be closer to 50 ohms 

Joe: And it’s resonant

Michael: An internal tuner will handle an off-center and fed dipole. So long story short, if you’ve got an internal tuner in your rig and you don’t want to go the external tuner route, then I would look at off-center fed dipole over G5RV. 

Joe: Yeah. So the G5RV probably is going to be a little bit more of a performer. I’ll say that. I mean, it’s a 70 year old design and it still works. Great. 

Michael: All right. I’ve had great luck with it (G5RV), especially on 40 and 80 meters. , the guys on 80 meters wonder why I sound so good. Well, I got a G5RV. They say, no, you can’t have a G5RV. You sound too good for a G5RV? So yeah. 

Joe: See what they say when you tell them you’re only running 5 watts. 

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